The Science School Faith - Purpose - Action - Leadership
ayat " And give us (the grace) to lead the righteous." (Al Quran)

The Science School Curriculum expects students to explore, study, and conduct experiments in the laboratory as well as in the field. Outdoor education needs care and attention in planning and supervision to support focused learning as well as ensure the safety and security of learners. Students learn independently and in groups. They learn to recognize problems and search for answers. They learn to study their environment and gather data, recording it and using it to inform their understandings. The Science School outdoor education programme provides for such active learning experiences with high quality planning, management and supervision in coordination with subject teachers. Field research can be fun and can motivate learners helping them to choose areas of interest for further study.

The Science School is pleased to offer its students a variety of outdoor educational and project based learning opportunities in the field. These activities may include visits to a variety of learning centers, institutes, laboratories, heritage sites, industry, national & international competitions/ conferences, etc.

The Science School will facilitate the process of these programmes to enhance the educational experiences of its students; however, the cost of beyond the classroom activities will be charged from the participating students. The cost may include the entry tickets to monuments, historical sites-centers, museums & overall travelling cost at local and national level. In case of international programmes, the cost may include the registration process, visa fee, insurance, airfare, international travelling, boarding & lodging. The school will inform the concerned parents about the cost involved and will take the consent of concerned parents/guardians/legal heirs before it involves any students on certain outdoor educational programmes.