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ayat " And give us (the grace) to lead the righteous." (Al Quran)

The Science School is proud to announce an outstanding result for its first CIE Session May 2017 in Pakistan Studies, Urdu, and Islamiat.

40 As, 22 A, 15 Bs, 2 Cs, 2 Ds! 100 % success for our first 27 students!!


What a remarkable star studded performance!

Congratulations to the Students, Parents, Principal, Academic Systems Manager, Headmistress, Coordinators, the entire Academic Team, Teachers, Administrators and Staff for the remarkable success of The Science School students in our first O’Levels examination.

Our system of academic provision has brought success to our students and teachers. InshaAllah we will do just as well in all examinations that follow.

We are rightly pleased with our achievement in International Examination! At The Science School, however, students develop more enduring values and attitudes. These are values of upright and honourable behaviour and faith and commitment to the cause of service to Pakistan in the name of Allah.

Our students develop confidence in themselves and sound science, engineering and mathematics concepts and skills. A pursuit of inquiry and vigorous academic skills define the difference. We at The Science School believe that success in international examination is the culmination of a collective effort of individuals as well as school. InshaAllah our students will make us proud of their successes in the field of Science and Technology in the service of Pakistan.