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World Space Week at Institute of Space Technology

Students from The Science School participated in various competitions held at the Institute of Space Technology celebrating World Space Week in October 2016.
Events were held in the areas of literature, fine arts, visual arts, performing arts, computer graphics and gaming, aero-modeling, making water rocket and space models and space technology innovation and applications. Both Islamabad and DHA campuses participated in selected events. We are proud to announce that 12 Students won in the following 4 competitions:

  1. Flying Wings: Glider (Virtuoso Level)
  2. Launching Rocket: Water Rocket (Virtuoso Level)
  3. Experimenting Thrust: Balloon Cart (Virtuoso Level)
  4. Space Thermodynamics: Hot Air Balloon Design (Virtuoso Level)

The names of our students are:

Launching Rocket: Water Rocket:(Virtuoso Level Grade 9-12/O and A levels)
Water Rocket team (Islamabad Campus) 1st Position among 45 participant schools.

Syndicate Members:

Arham Akmal 9 Green
Mustafa Babar 9 Green
Azhaff Khalid 8 Grey
Mahad Ali 8 Blue

Space Thermodynamics: Hot Air Balloon(Virtuoso Level Grade 9-12/O and A Levels)
Balloon team (Islamabad Campus) 3rd Position among 52 participant schools.

Syndicate Members:

Haris Rashid 10 Green
Wamiq Ahmed 8 Red

Flying Wings: Glider Flying: (Virtuoso Level Grade 9-12/O And A Levels)
Glider team (Islamabad Campus) 3rd Position among 71 participant schools.

Syndicate Members:

Ajwad Asghar 9 Grey
Shahmeer Bhatti 9 Green
Nawfal Waqar 9 Grey
Mohid Rizwan 8 Green

Experimenting Thrust: Balloon Cart: (Virtuoso Level Grade 9-12/O And A Levels)
(DHA Campus) 1 st Position among 30 participant schools.

Syndicate Members:

Rakin Ali Shah 7th class
Mohammed Yasim Malik 7th class