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ayat " And give us (the grace) to lead the righteous." (Al Quran)

Parental involvement in the wider life of the School is organized. Parents are regularly invited to attend morning assemblies, and some outdoor activities where they are provided with opportunities to learn, explore and share in orientation sessions. Parent Teacher Meetings, drama performances, sporting fixtures and more formal events such as prize distribution ceremonies also take place.

Keep in Touch

The School will keep in touch with parents in a range of ways, including through the School Website as well as planners, reports, letters, newsletters and other publications. We use text messaging and email to provide instant information about student absences, key dates and other important information. It is therefore vital that all mobile phone and email details are up to date and accurate.

Please pass on any changes in addresses and telephone numbers as quickly as possible by either calling/texting or emailing the school.


Meetings with Teachers, Counselors and the Principal can be arranged through appointment.

Parents are requested to call the School desk or email to take an appointment.

Emergency meetings if necessary, can be requested over  phone.