The Science School Faith - Purpose - Action - Leadership
ayat " And give us (the grace) to lead the righteous." (Al Quran)

The Curriculum of The Science School is understood to be a dynamic work in progress. It is a proposal rather than a prescription. Teachers and schools, and indeed, students learning experiences, help in its development and interpretation in excellent classroom practice.

Our aim is to support the achievement of high standards and for this we direct our efforts. We hope and pray these curriculum statements will generate research and intellectual discussion to strengthen The Science School educational endeavor.

Built in Tutorial Programmes

We are responsive to the needs of learners in our Pakistani environment. Formative assessment guides student development, identifying challenges and support. The School has built-in tutorial programmes where its teachers and students develop personal learning programmes, carry out extension work, and benefit from collaborative learning and feedback. Students learn collectively or on individual basis when deemed appropriate, and in consultation with parents and other care givers.

Responsibility for Own Learning and Development

The Science School takes responsibility for students learning while encouraging students and parents to play their role.

We hope to create conditions for the development of a sense of responsibility in our young students to prepare them for successful, rewarding and inspiring careers in science and engineering. We hope to encourage parents, care givers, and our own school community, to share in the effort.