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The Admission process and criteria

Parents desirous of their children/child’s admission to The Science School will undertake the following procedure for admission to The Science School:

  • Step 1: Submit Form B/Birth Certificate and the child/children’s last school report to The Science School Office.
  • Step 2: Register the child with The Science School by paying a small nonrefundable registration fee and collecting The Science School Prospectus for rules and regulations and other details. It is highly recommended that parents read the Prospectus in detail to understand the School’s mission, values and what it stands for in the community and what it expects of its students and their parents.
  • Step 3: Upon registration, the School will inform the parents about the dates for test and interview.
  • Step 4: Students will be tested in English, Mathematics and Science subjects. Students will also be interviewed. The test and interview will take place the same day.
  • Step 5: Parents will be informed when to collect their child’s result. Along with the result, remaining procedure for confirming admission to The Science School will also be explained.

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  • The Science School has limited its classroom size to absolutely 24 students. Therefore, all admissions will be based on a “first come first served” basis. Seats will be cancelled and offered to other students on the waiting list if admission procedures are not completed within the stipulated date provided by the School.
  • A child scoring less than 50% will not be considered for admission to The Science School.
  • The Science School will be transparent in all aspects of student testing and announcement and discussion of results with the parents. Nevertheless, final decision-making rests with The Science School authorities, which will be non-contestable and non-negotiable. Space, facilities, etc, need financing and will be considerations in numbers of students admitted to the School.