Science and Tech at TSS


  1. Explain a Science Math Concept. Write a 100 word page to explain an interesting Science Tech concept or skill! Examples: What is a particle?
  2. Interesting Websites for First Term 2019: Khan Academy
  3. Write a Report on “New Discoveries!” 100 words.
  4. Take Part in a continuous TSS Science Tech Competition for students!

Competition: Research in The Science School

Submit a 200 Word Summary on a Research you have carried out. Win a TSS Star!

  • Title of Research:
  • One or two paragraphs explain what the research is about. What are you
  • Example:
  • Method:
  • Explain your research method.
  • Findings: What have you found? How do you explain the findings?
  • Conclusion:
  1.  This is a continuous competition. Submissions can be made at any
  2.  The Report will be read/graded and uploaded within two months.
  3.  Advice: Keep It Simple!!! Do Not Try To Discover A New Planet!