The Science School won a Bronze Medal

International Physics Olympiad 2022

The Science School is proud to announce that Bilal Asmatullah, our A Level student has won a Bronze Medal in the International Physics Olympiad 2022.
AlhamdolilAllah !!
Bilal participated as part of a distinguished group of 5 students that represented Pakistan at the International Physics Olympiad in July, 2022. The group won two Bronze Medals and one Honorable Mention.
This year 400 students from 93 member countries participated in the International Physics Olympiad 2022.
Initially, in September 2021, the STEM career programme conducted a screening test in 19 major cities of Pakistan and shortlisted 50 potential students. Bilal was selected amongst the 50 students.These 50 students attended three on-campus training camps at PIEAS. In the final test, held in March, 2022, Bilal emerged as one of the top 5 students to represent Pakistan at IPHO 2022.
The IPHO competition 2022 was initially planned to be held physically in Belarus, but later the hosting was transferred to Switzerland and it was decided to make the IPHO 2022 edition online. In order to ensure transparency, a special testing facility was setup in each country with cameras monitoring each student. The footage of testing was broadcast live by the organisers. The final examination of experimental task was held on July 11, 2022 and the theoretical examination on July 13, 2022.
AlhumdolilAllah! The Pakistan team won two bronze medals and one honorable mention for Pakistan.
The Science School is proud of Bilal Asmatullah.
Congratulations! to the entire TSS Team. CONGRATULATIONS THE SCIENCE SCHOOL!!

Dr. Shahid Qamar (Head of Mathematical Sciences at PIEAS) and Dr. Aman ur Rehman ( Head of the Nuclear Engineering Department) were team leaders for the Pakistan team and guided them in their development.
We wish to remind our readers that this is the second time in a row that a student from TSS has won a place to represent Pakistan at the International Olympiad.
In the year 2018 our student Muhammad Abdullah won a place on the team to participate in the International Mathematics Olympiad. Sadly due to a delay in the arrival of the Visa he could not go.
AlhamdolilAllah our efforts have successfully developed our students knowledge, skill and confidence in producing tremendous results!
May Allah accept our humble efforts and guide us in the future as well.
Mrs Lubna Khalid Kidwai, Head Academic Board, The Science School and Ms.Shehreen Kamal, Principal, The Science School.

Remembering the shuhada of Army Public School!

The Science School celebrates results of O'Level 2021!

The spirit of festivity and joy could be felt in the air as the students of The Science School celebrated their superb result of CAIE 2021!!

The school had arranged a special small ceremony for the high achievers. The students and their teachers were honored for their efforts and hard work and were awarded Certificates of Achievement!

 It was a colorful event with balloons, pigeons, rose petals and bouquets brightening the sky!

The Head of the Academic Board, Dr. Lubna Kidwai praised students and teachers for such an outstanding result, and wished them the best of luck for their future endeavors.

Inshallah with the blessings of Allah, our outstanding academic team, our professional methods of teaching, provision of quality education overall years of schooling we assure our students great results every year!


May Allah accept our sincere efforts and grant our students and school great success! Ameen!