Yet another haul of laurels by The Science School Students!

High Acievers Supplement

  • Bilal Asmatullah A-Levels top in North Pakistan in Mathematics
  • Bilal Asmatullah A-Levels top in Physics in Pakistan
  • Muhammad Mouid Ali wins distinction in CAIE 2022
  • High Achievers-Pride of TSS!

    The most distinguishing feature of winners is their intensity of achieving their goals

  • Muhammad Ahmed Hammad
  • Hamza Iqbal
  • Rafey Khattak
  • Fatima Hashmat
  • The success story at a glance!

    Your tenacity, drive and diligence serve as an inspiration to others every day!

    Your commitment to excellence fosters a culture of ambition and achievement among their peers. We are proud to have such dedicated individuals shaping the future of our academic community.

    Cambridge Assessment

    Top in Pakistan and eight in the world!

    Hamza Khan of The Science School is top in Pakistan in Cambridge IGCSE Paksitan

    A Superb Performance MashaAllah!! Muhammad Hamza Khan appeared in the 2019 Cambridge Examinations. Hamza scored an A* in all 9 Subjects! Cambridge has now announced Hamza is Top in Pakistan in Physics IGCSE 2019 Examinations. This is Eight in the World! Congratulations Hamza! Congratulations Parents and School! Hamza joined The Science School in Class 6 in 2013. We wish him great success in the future as well.

    Muhammad Abdullah to represent Pakistan in IMO challange

    Muhammad Abdullah from A Level Branch, The Science School, to represent Pakistan in the International Mathematics Olympiad to be held in the UK in July 2019! Abdullah is one of 4 candidates to win selection in Team Pakistan after one year of rigorous training and testing in high level mathematics in The Science School and COMSATS! “Many congratulations on making it to the final team for IMO 2019 from Pakistan. You are true assets for our country mashaAllah.” Dr Qurat-ul-Ain Azim, CUI Lahore..

    Muhammad Abdullah of The Science School, appeared in the first NSTC Test in February 2018 for first stage selection in The International Mathematics Olympiad. Of 3000 candidates in Pakistan, 50, including Abdullah were selected for 1 weeks training in The Science School and COMSATS Lahore. At the end a test was conducted and 30 were dropped.
    Another 1 weeks training was followed by a test and 10 students were selected to take part in the Asia Pacific Mathematics Olympiad, (APMO). This tough competition was held in the second week of March 2019.

    Abdullah of The Science School and 3 other students were finally selected to represent Pakistan in the International Mathematics Olympiad to be held in England in the month of July, 2019. AlhumdolilAllah!

    The Science School is proud of Muhammad Abdullah and our Mathematics Team headed by Ms Shehreen Kamal, Head Mistress of The Science School Islamabad and Coordinator Mathematics, our Teachers, especially Syed Hassan Sultan, Nadeem Shehzad and Mr Sarwar Nazir, Member Mathematics Team.

    Congratulations Ms Shehr Majeed, Principal The Science School, and Mrs Shafqat Academic Systems Manager and the entire Team.

    Instructors guiding the Mathematics Team selected for the International Mathematics Olympiad are Dr. Sarfaraz Ahmed (Head of Department), Dr. Hani Shaker (Associate Professor), Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Afzal Siddiqui (Assistant Professor), Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain Azim (Assistant Professor) and Dr. Sadia Khalid Assistant Professor from CUI Lahore. Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain Azim.Assistant Professor and IMO Number Theory Trainer, Department of Mathematics CUI Lahore is supervising the training.

    We wish them all great success inshaAllah!