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The mission of The Science School is to identify and support the development of scientist and engineers  at the level of school education so as to serve the needs of Pakistan’s future scientist and strategic goals. This will require successful graduated student to be provided higher education facilities and opportunities for employment in Pakistan’s strategic and scientific organizations.

Pakistan’s Scientific and Strategic Organizations require the services of scientists and engineers with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

High Achievers / Pride of TSS
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The Science School students shine in 2022 A & O-Level Examinations! A tremendous performance by one and all !
The Science School shines in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Design and Technology, Computer Science, English, Pakistan Studies and Islamiat.  

High Achievers

High Achievers

High Achievers



A science technology, mathematics competition organized by the NUST University has been held on March 2022.       

The Science School is proud to announce that a team of The Science School AS level students, Ali Matiullah, Hneya, Fatima and Ali Nadeem achieved the first position in the Chemistry module named “Chemathon” in the Science Bee competition. The module consisted of two rounds which included a quiz and constructing a smoke bomb. 

In the quiz the team had to use the “Kahoot!” application to answer multiple MCQs related to the subject and at the end the TSS team came out on top with 15083 points.

In the second round students made a smoke bomb using aluminum foil as the body of the bomb and filled it with match sticks and pieces of ping pong balls. This smoke bomb proved to be the only successful smoke bomb out of all the others, making them the winners of the second round as well!! Great Performance TSS Team!

At the end The Science School received a shield for achieving the First Position in the NUST Chemathon.

Two teams consisting of A2 students (Vajeeha Shafqat, Saad Awais, Isra Mansoor, Fawaz Malik, Azhaff Khalid, Dua-e-Zahra, Haad Siddiqui, Taha Fayyaz and Maaz ullah Khan) from The Science School participated in the Mathletics module as a part of the NUST Science Bee 2022. The participants were expected to solve mathematical questions in the form of various games and tasks.
We are proud to announce that The TSS teams achieved both second and third position in this challenging Module!

A Level -2 team (Dua-e-Zahra, Haad Siddiqui, Taha Fayyaz and Maaz ullah Khan) also attained the First Position in the module named “Escape room”, a contest where participants were required to find clues whilst performing some perplexing tasks to escape the room.
Well done students of The Science School!!

Well done once again students teachers and school!!

Escape Room




Chemistry Award


Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards 2021

Alhamdolillah, The Science School is proud to announce fifteen (15) distinctions achieved by our students in June and November 2021 O’ level, as well as the IGCSE examination in the following subjects:
Chemistry - Additional Mathematics - Physics - Computer Science - Design & Technology - Geography

First place in North Pakistan and Third place in Pakistan.
Best Across Three Cambridge International AS Levels

- Bilal Asmatullah (Math, Physics, Chemistry)

“Top in Pakistan” is awarded to learners who have achieved the highest standard mark in their country.

Chemistry Cambridge IGCSE (Top in Pakistan)

- Abdul Wasay Asjad
- Ayesha Khalid
- Hneya Idrees
- Mohammad Noor Alam
- Muhammad Qasim
- Syeda Samar Fatima Salari

Additional Mathematics Cambridge OLEVEL(Top in Pakistan North)

- Mian Muhammad Muneeb Ur Rehman
- Muhammad Ali Nadeem

Physics Cambridge IGCSE(Top in Pakistan)

- Aun Abbas Malik

Computer Science Cambridge OLEVEL(Top in Pakistan North)

- Muhammad Moin Zaheer Kiani

Design & Technology Cambridge IGCSE (High Achievement)

- Sunny Saeed Chohan

Geography Cambridge IGCSE (High Achievement)

- Syeda Samar Fatima Salari

Congratulations students, teachers, parents, and our great Science School team!

The Science School

What makes The Science School different?

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It is the first school of its kind in Pakistan, with a special focus on high standards learning in science, mathematics, engineering and technology. Learning activity is integrated with the social sciences, humanities, and outdoor education.

The Science School offers progression in higher education to Colleges and Universities of Science and Technology in Pakistan as well as abroad. Career progression to appointments in Pakistan’s Strategic and Scientific Organizations will be possible for all achieving students after appropriate clearance.

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A combination of higher qualifications in education and rigorous training in academic management makes our team second to none in Pakistan. Boards have the task of identifying, recruiting, and appointing the most qualified individual they can find to serve as the chief executive.

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