Parents & Students

Scholarships and Commitments

The Science School has been established to prepare future scientists for Pakistan’s Strategic and Scientific Organizations. A commitment to serve the needs of Pakistan underlies the efforts of all personnel, students and the community. The School is therefore a not-for-profit organization. The fee structure does not reflect the cost of operation of the School as well as the requirement to develop young scientists. Fee being charged is heavily subsidized and supported by Pakistan’s Strategic and Scientific Organizations to meet their needs. Science teaching and learning is expensive in today’s economic contexts. A generous system of Scholarship may be offered on merit or financial requirements in future.

However, it must be noted that parents who are desirous of availing scholarship whether on merit or financial requirement will be subject to school set conditions which will be communicated at the time of award of the scholarship.

Admission to The Science School is understated by a commitment by the Strategic Organizations to provide and facilitate further study through our science colleges, universities and in selected colleges and universities abroad such as those in China. These should follow a route to serve in the Scientific Organizations of Pakistan. Those students who succeed through O and A level examination with merit/distinction will be offered suitable study and career paths to become the scientists of Pakistan.