Teaching & Learning

Design and Technology

Design and Technology is taught from early years in schools around the world. It is a subject assessed by International General Certificate of Secondary Education UK (IGCSE) among others. The Science School has introduced Design and Technology in Pakistan as an essential area of study relating to our goal of developing young Scientists and Engineers. The IGCSE Syllabus encourages students to “identify, consider and solve problems through creative thinking, planning and design, and by working with different media, materials and tools.”

As the name suggests, Design and Technology, enables students to think creatively and critically, learn research skills, plan and conduct investigations in a range of different and interesting areas. Students will work through the cycle of creative thinking, analysis, and synthesis. They will work hands-on with materials, use technology and learn to communicate effectively.

Design itself is a complex activity. Concepts and principles of design are incorporated with a study of materials and technology as well as innovative ideas for the use of energy. Students in The Science School design tools and objects to meet a range of purposes and needs thus developing skills for a future in Engineering in Pakistan.