Teaching & Learning

Learning English, Urdu, Arabic, and Chinese


English has become a language of communication among speakers of other languages in the world. This has an impact on social, political and economic aspects of life. English as a subject is important in equipping students to take up the challenges of competitive survival and growing globalization in developing countries.

Our integrated curriculum builds on the strength of our multilingual speakers. Pupils communicate in both English and Urdu whilst grappling with complex ideas in a range of domains. Chinese and Arabic add to the rich language environment of The Science School.

As in the sciences, language learning provides opportunities to pupils to reflect on both content and form. Pupils celebrate their strengths and work upon areas of development.

“All learning experiences do not necessarily lead to learning, unless subsequent opportunities for reflection, application, co-relation and consolidation are created” Shukla, 2008.

Language for expression and appreciation of culture, language for the expression and development of ideas in all spheres of learning is our goal. Non-fiction texts play a large role in The Science School curriculum while literature and poetry is enjoyed by all in every language taught.


Urdu, our national language, is recognised as dynamic, and growing in its importance as a language of the work place in Pakistan. We see Urdu as requiring the same focus and methodology as English. It is an area of research where children learn to adapt and develop both their understanding and their language to solve problems of communication in today’s world.

Urdu is also recognised as our language of culture, a rich and powerful heritage


The Science School offers opportunity to study the Arabic language.The purpose is to blend the teaching of classical and standard Arabic to support pupils to communicate at a basic level effectively as well as read the Quran with understanding. Native speakers of Arabic as well as scholars are our teachers who help develop pupils language skills. The Pakistani people are naturally multilingual which adds to their intellectual capacity. By providing the additional experience of both Chinese and Arabic we hope to build on this natural capacity to learn language from an early age


The Science School is proud to include the Chinese language into our Curriculum. This is a bold new initiative and we hope to give it our best efforts. With our children learning Chinese, we recognise the importance of this ancient language in the global space and look forward to making it our own. Chinese is the language of our very close friends, and learning Chinese opens up the possibility of further study abroad. We consider the teaching of Chinese from such an early age a strategic necessity – the world recognizes China as the next Super Power, and we would want our students to be in harmony with this reality.