Teaching & Learning

Sports and Outdoor Education

The Science School has integrated sports and play with subject study, for example, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics to establish links between healthy living, well-being and role of sports and play. The School has on offer a range of sports activities for each student to identify at least one sport to suit them individually so that they acquire a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity and its link with their overall well being.

This domain will also focus on development of social skills and an active concern for safety and security.

The Science School offers exciting sports activities to help our young scientists unwind and relax as well as compete. Our extensive and beautiful sports fields that include space for Cricket, Cycling, Tennis, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Badminton, make every day sports in School possible and attractive. Indoor sports such as Table Tennis and Snooker have been included in our sports facilities as well. Our Time Table is planned to accommodate time for sports as well as study. We hope to encourage a balanced approach.

A recent Sports Gala held in The Science School Rawalpindi Campus displayed the sense of fun and feeling of community that sports activities can generate. Such activities shall continue to be a feature of The Science School life.