Teaching & Learning


The Science School Mathematics Curriculum, in line with the mission of the school, aspires to develop high quality understanding and skill in mathematics. Careful concept development in both numeracy and spatial understanding as well as sharpening of process skills at middle school helps develop interest and ambition in higher level mathematics. The Science School believes in providing both challenge and support in a rich, intense, and integrated, mathematics experience at all levels.

Scientists and engineers approach problem solving with a goal of optimizing a solution to a problem, as opposed to proving that a problem is solved. Good quality mathematics learning at The Science School helps students to develop critical understanding of process as well as develop sound concepts. At The Science School, mathematics lessons are challenging and fun for both teachers and students. In the best constructivist tradition, students build knowledge and understanding through active involvement with prior understanding and the challenge of ever more complex ideas. Students seek patterns, solve problems and build awareness of their own mental processes through talk and communication in the language of mathematics.

Students develop the ability to listen, question and discuss as well as to read and record their mathematical experiences. The Science School aims to help students understand the importance of mathematics and enjoy it to the fullest.